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Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce - Produto

O DIA DOS NAMORADOS está chegando e você vai precisar deste plugin para fazer ótimas campanhas de advertising and marketing.

WooCommerce Sales Countdown / WooCommerce Sales Timer / WooCommerce Sales Scheduler

WooCommerce Sales Countdown é plugin fantástico para promover suas campanhas de venda no WooCommerce. Mostra uma caixa de contagem regressiva com o produto à venda, para informar ao cliente quanto pace resta para comprar seu produto com desconto. Você também pode fazer com que conte o pace até o período de venda que se aproxima. WordPress 3.xe WooCommerce 2.x são necessários para instalar este adorável plugin para sua loja.

WooCommerce Sales Countdown - Comentários

Recursos de contagem regressiva de vendas do WooCommerce

  • O WooCommerce Sales Countdown pode ser usado para impulsionar as vendas da sua loja.
  • Contagem regressiva / cronômetro / agendador de vendas na página da categoria WooCommerce.
  • Contagem regressiva / cronômetro / agendador de vendas na página do produto WooCommerce.
  • Contagem regressiva / cronômetro / agendador de vendas na área de widgets da barra lateral do WordPress.
  • Leve, otimizado para o melhor desempenho.
  • Opções minuciosas dentro da área WooCommerce Settings para economizar seu pace fora de configurações complexas.
  • Este cronômetro de vendas WooCommerce é compatível com todos os temas WordPress WooCommerce.
  • Pronto para WPML (multilíngue). Ele pode ser traduzido para qualquer idioma que você quiser.

WooCommerce Sales Countdown CHANGELOGS

WooCommerce Sales Countdown Versão 2.2.7 • 2020-08-Set

~ Fixed: Compatible with WordPress 5.5
~ Updated: Remove choice Sale begin time and also Sale end time in plugin and also usage Sale cost days of plugin WooCommerce

WooCommerce Sales Countdown, versão 2.2.6 • 2018.01.15

~ Fixed: Setting CountDown placement for List Products not kept.

WooCommerce Sales Countdown, versão 2.2.4 • 2017.08.28

~ Fixed: Fatal mistake on variable item web page.
~ Fixed: list price of variable item display screen not deal with in cart.

WooCommerce Sales Countdown, versão 2.2.3 • 2017.08.22

~ Fixed: CountDown disappoint right stay time

WooCommerce Sales Countdown, versão 2.2.2 • 2017.06.26

~ Fixed: Price not display screen.
~ Fixed: mass modify for Start day, End day, Start time, End time, Total item price cut, Sold areas off variants item not function.
~ Fixed: Some variant item not present sale bar and also countdown properly.

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 2.2 • 2017.05.09

~ Added everyday list price function.
~ Fixed: Sale cost still reveal after sale time is completed..
~ Fixed: Show incorrect details in sale bar.
~ Fixed: Cannot conserve Total item price cut and also Total offered amount of variable item.

WooCommerce Sales Countdown, versão 2.0.5 • 2016.12.16

~ Fixed insect cannot eliminate list price

WooCommerce Sales Countdown, versão 2.0.4 • 2016.12.12

~ Fixed insect check amount in sale

WooCommerce Sales Countdown, versão 2.0.3 • 2016.11.21

~ Fixed issue with sale time

WooCommerce Sales Countdown, versão 2.0.2 • 2016.09.15

~ Problem time with shortcode
~ Fixed: missing out on countdown with External item

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 2.0.1 • 2016.09.14

~ Problem with 'absint' feature on some Server.
~ Text domain name miss out on someplace
~ Remove choice not usefully

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 2.0 • 2016.08.05

~ Added: Option to disable countdown for coming timetable
~ Added: Separate setups countdown for Single and also Archive web pages
~ Added: Set one countdown for all variations
~ Added: Shortcode to present countdown (just countdown, does not present various other information) for an item by ID
~ Added: Template documents, sortable placement aspect countdown
~ Fixed: Multiple countdown
~ Fixed: Timezone
~ Fixed: Single js manuscript procedure all countdown

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 1.9.1 • 2015.08.21

~ Fixed: Edited the code for being compatiple with WP 4.3 and also the latest variation of Woocommerce 2.4.6.

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 1.9 • 2015.07.30

~ Fixed: Could conserve "Hide only Sale Bar" or "Hide only Countdown" or "Hide all countdown and sale bar" choices with each item.
~ Fixed: Update the amount of sale when there is somebody marks finish the orders.
~ Added: Allow establishing defined time for Sale timetable.

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 1.8.11 • 2015.07.02

~ Fixed: Save blog post meta on item.
~ Fixed: Update sale with Variation items.
~ Fixed: Remove Counter & Sale Bar at evaluation tab.

WooCommerce Sales Countdown, versão 1.8.10 • 2015.03.31

~ Fixed: Product variable on widget.
~ Fixed: CSS with hundreds.
~ Fixed: Fix contribute to haul Link in Shortcode and also widget.

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 1.8.9 • 2015.02.26

~ Fixed: Clear list price when order prosper.
~ Fixed: Latin personality in Product Sale Title.
~ Fixed: Sale Bar with WPML plugin.
~ Added: Sale Bar for variants choice.
~ Added: Compatible Super Cache

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 1.8.8 • 2015.01.13

~ Fixed: Timer for Product variable in item information.
~ Added: Option conceal timer or sale bar on item information, widget, shortcode, group.

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 1.8.7 • 2014.12.24

~ Fixed: Product variable when filled.
~ Fixed: Product variable on shortcode.

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 1.8.6 • 2014.11.26

~ Added: Bulk modify in variable item: Schedule, complete amount, complete offered.

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 1.8.5 • 2014.11.18

~ Added: Show countdown foreach item.
~ Added: Show time timetable.

Contagem regressiva de vendas WooCommerce versão 1.8.4 • 2014.11.10

~ Fixed: Quantity when taking a look at.
~ Fixed: Quantity upgrade when repayment paid efficiently.

Versão 1.8.3 • 2014.10.20

~ Fixed: Show item on widget.

Versão 1.8.2 • 2014.10.02

~ Fixed: Show one-time on item group.

Versão 1.8.1 • 2014.09.17

~ Fixed: timer on associated items.

Versão 1.8 • 2014.08.22

+ Added: even more choices > conceal item, eliminate list price when timetable time ran out.
~ Fixed: timezone. Time collaborating with WordPress website's timezone.

Versão 1.7.2 • 2014.07.29

+ Added: Product photo dimensions in WIDGET and also SHORTCODE.

Versão 1.7.1 • 2014.07.24

+ Added extra settings in item information and also item group.

Versão 1.7 • 2014.07.18

+ Fixed: obtain meta and also eliminate notification.
+ Fixed: Show item otherwise item sale on shortcode and also widget.

Versão 1.6.1 • 2014.07.14

+ Fixed: item variable for shortcode and also widget.

Versão 1.6 • 2014.07.11

+ Fixed: language problem when energetic.
+ Fixed: small problems.

Versão 1.5 • 2014.07.05

+ Support Spanish.
+ Code modification to OOP.
+ Fix: CSS on receptive.
+ Fix: Can equate in WP backend.
+ Fix: Stock in item variable.

Versão 1.4 • 2014.06.25

+ Fixed: Time adhere to web server time.
+ Added: Setting for every area on Product widget and also Product shortcode.
+ Added: Setting Show message, Show day message.
+ Added: Multi language documents. It's currently sustain WPML.
~ Fixed: shortcode assistance on widget.

Versão 1.3 • 2014.06.24

+ Added: Product variable suitable.

Versão 1.2.1 • 2014.06.16

+ Added: "Countdown Position" choice to determine the placement for the Sales Countdown on the Product Details web page.

Versão 1.2 • 2014.06.10

+ Fixed: activation problems.
+ Optimized: resource code.
+ Optimized: efficiency.

Versão 1.1 • 2014.06.01

+ Optimized: efficiency.

Versão 1.0 • 2014.05.27

+ The very first launch.

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