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Controle de quantidade completo

O plugin WooCommerce Advanced Quantity permite que você controle como o campo de quantidade de produtos está funcionando.

Você pode alterar o valiance mínimo do campo de quantidade, pode definir valiance máximo, pode alterar o intervalo entre cada etapa no campo de quantidade, pode definir valiance padrão para os campos de quantidade, pode adicionar sufixo de preço e qualidade , você pode alterar o tipo de entrada e muito mais.

Isso lhe dá muitas possibilidades de controlar a quantidade de cada produto que cliente pode comprar. Orgulhosamente feito por Trem da manhã.

Permitir quantidade decimal

Você pode permitir números decimais como quantidade (optimal para lojas que vendem alimentos, têxteis ou outros produtos medidos por peso ou comprimento / altura – peças de mercadorias). Por exemplo, permita que seus clientes comprem décimo de produto; 0,1, 0,2, 0,3,…, ou apenas deixe-os comprar produtos pela metade: 0,5, 1, 1,5,….

Característica de quantidade decimal

Controle o intervalo entre cada etapa

Você pode decidir intervalo entre cada etapa, permitindo controlar quantos produtos o cliente deve comprar por vez (optimal para lojas com produtos embalados em pacotes contendo x produtos cada – produtos embalados). Por exemplo, certifique-se de que o cliente compre apenas 5, 10, 15,… peças do produto.

Recurso de valor da etapa

Defina a quantidade mínima

Você pode forçar uma quantidade mínima que cliente deve comprar (optimal para lojas de atacado – produtos a granel). Por exemplo, definir o valiance mínimo para 10 significa que seus clientes devem comprar pelo menos 10 peças do produto.

Característica de quantidade mínima

Defina a quantidade máxima

Você pode controlar quantos de produto cliente pode comprar em cada pedido (Ideal para ofertas limitadas). Por exemplo, definir o valiance máximo para 30 significa que cliente só pode comprar 30 desse produto em pedido.

Característica de quantidade máxima

Defina um valiance padrão

Você pode definir valiance padrão para os campos de quantidade. Por exemplo, definir o valiance padrão como 7 significa que os campos de quantidade mostram 7, mas você ainda pode comprar menos ou mais de 7.

Característica de quantidade padrão

Definir sufixo de preço

Você pode definir sufixo de preço. Este é um texto, que será exibido atrás do preço. Por exemplo, definir o sufixo do preço como “public relations. kg.” mostrará esse texto atrás do preço.

Recurso de sufixo de preço

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Cinco avaliações iniciais


v. 3.0.2
    - Solved issue with +/- on mobile shooting occasions two times
    - Changed some designing to amount suffix
    - Removed present cost from the item checklist in the admin location for efficiency and also management factors
    - Solved issue with Dropdown and also decimal amount triggering incorrect amount to be contributed to the cart

v. 3.0.1
    - Solved issue with moms and dad setups for input kind was constantly showing default input
    - Added cache to input characteristics for efficiency optimization
    - Solved issue with the "Always display dropdown on mobile" establishing not functioning

v. 3.0.0
    - Complete revise: Solved issues with WooCommerce compatibility and also rounding mistakes
    - New feature: Support of setups for specific item variants
    - New feature: Display cost variable

v. 2.4.5
    - Fixed a concern with cost suffixes being copied
    - Added capacity to 'hold back' on +/- inputs to transform worth

v. 2.4.4
    - Fixed +/- switches after cart refresh.

    - Fixed mistake with dropdown on cart web page.
    - Updated .pot to consist of brand-new messages for translation.
    - Updated establishing summaries, danish translations.
    - Added a look for taking care of supply.

    - Fixed uncommon plugin dispute leading to a deadly mistake.

    - Fixed not having the ability to establish a Grouped Products amount to 0.
    - Fixed "Order Again" providing a mistake, despite the fact that it functioned.
    - Fixed having the ability to choose greater than what's presently in supply.
    - If an item is established as organized, the Advanced Quantity setups for that items, will not reveal.
    - Split setups right into areas for far better summary.
    - Changed cart input picker setup. You can currently choose the input kind independently from item input kinds.
    - Added alternative to require mobile customers to make use of a dropdown input kind, to prevent them having the ability to choose void 
    - Removed left over debugging code.
    - Code optimization, commentation and also tidy up.

    - Fixed matter() mistake.
    - Added alternative to conceal upgrade cart switch.
    - Added WooCommerce reliance check & mistake if WooCommerce isn't mounted.
    - Added elimination of plugin setups on plugin uninstall, regarding not mess the data source.
    - Fixed a feasible compatibility concern with older WooCommerce variations.
    - A great deal of code tidy up and also restructuring - not really amazing for anybody yet me.

    - Moved basic setups to its very own WooCommerce setups tab. It can currently be located in the exact same area, yet under the 
      "Advanced Quantity" tab.
    - Cleared up the littering message and also streamlined it, to (ideally) make the plugin much easier to both recognize and also consider.
    - Added a "Follow global setting" to the item & classification input selector as the default selection.
    - Fixed thousands separator just dealing with the cart.
    - Moved the classification setups to the base of the web page, so it will not hinder existing setups.
    - Added a lot more constant code remarks.

    - Fixed worths obtaining overwritten when importing with WP All import
    - Added an alternative for a thousand separator on the slider picker

    - Fixed missing out on worths after importing items with either WooCommerce import or WP All Import

    - Fixed insect that is triggering the cart to constantly automobile upgrade

    - Added alternative to revitalize the cart with triggers
    - Fixed deadly mistake on setting up brand-new plugins

    - Reimplemented an old filter
    - Fixed php notifications

    - Fixed worths would certainly be gotten rid of after acquisition if the item has supply allowed

    - Fixed notifications from WooCommerce
    - Added amount suffix on order emails
    - Added amount suffix on the verification web page
    - Added amount suffix on order testimonial
    - Changed css

    - Fixed decimal insect

    - Added alternative to cartItemQuantity to locate the cart thing by the cart thing trick 
    if the cart thing is not passed to the approach

    - Fixed issue with variable items

    - Fixed insect that triggered the item not be gotten rid of from the cart if the amount was 0
    - Fixed mass edit would certainly remove the setups for the selected items

    - Added alternative to reveal the amount suffix or the cost suffix on the cart web page
    - Added alternative to reveal our personalized input kinds (dropdown, (+/-), slider) on the cart web page
    - Fixed order once again problems

    - Fixed issue their the consumer can transform the amount to a void number on the cart web page

    - Added compatibility with WooCommerce v.3.0.0 and also up
    - Fixed fast edit would certainly remove the setups for the selected item or classification

v. 2.1.3
    - Fixed order once again problems

v. 2.1.2
    - Fixed a few of the classification choices not making a various to the item
    - Added dropdown to input picker for the entire website
    - Added action periods to classifications and also the entire website

v. 2.1.1
    - Fixed issue with PayPal for items with lengthy names

v. 2.1.0
    - Fixed issue with dropdown and also numbers over 1000
    - Fixed issue with PayPal and also items with variant

v. 2.0.2
    - Changed [] to selection() for far better compatibility

v. 2.0.1
    - Fixed Problem with showing max got to message on items without max residential property

v. 2.0.0
    - Added action periods
    - Set amount suffix per item, classification and also for the entire website
    - Fixed absent cost suffix for the entire website
    - Added assistance for 3 various amount input (Slider, (+/-) and also dropdown)
    - Added separately variants
    - Fixed issue with PayPal and also WooCommerce upgrade
    - Removed input area and also included message, when max is gotten to

v. 1.5.8
    - Implementet "pattern" and also "inputmode" in amount input layout included a recently WooCommerce upgrade

v. 1.5.7
    - Fixed an insect with optimum amount

v. 1.5.6
    - Fixed some pests and also conflict with various other plugins
    - Added german translateion (Thanks to MEXX)
    - Solved an issue with cost suffix on classification degree

v. 1.5.5
    - Fixed insect with contribute to haul web link for organized items

v. 1.5.4
    - Removed some debug code

v. 1.5.3
    - Added Quantity to contribute to haul LINK

v. 1.5.2
    - Fixed an issue with supply optimum

v. 1.5.1
    - Fixed an issue with amount upgrading in cart

v. 1.5.0
    - Fixed issue with recognition in some web browsers
    - Added mistake message for incorrect amount input
    - Added assistance for typical worth and also minimum amount for the “Add to cart” switch on item archive web pages
    - Added cost suffix assistance
    - Added PL translation (Thank you to Themaniac for the translation)

v. 1.4.1
    - Fixed issue with WooCommerce backend and also upgrade amount

v. 1.4.0
    - Update solution included (automated upgrade monitoring)
    - Fixed issue with contribute to haul switch without amount area (currently includes minimal amount)

V. 1.3.2
    - Fixed concern when no terms appoint to an item
    - Fixed problems with translation, and also included translation summary in the documents

v. 1.3.1
    - Fixed PHP insect when examining the upgraded amount
    - Added decimal capability to WooCommerce typical PayPal settlement portal

v. 1.3.0
    - Added sold_individually capability when minimum and also optimum amount is equel

v. 1.2.2
    - Fixed an issue with typical worth, when no optimum worth was established

v. 1.2.1
    - Fixed an issue with variable items when no minimum amount was established
    - Fixed an issue when amount in cart was upgraded

v. 1.2.0
    - Added max amount capability
    - Added typical amount capability
    - Fixed issue with amount area on cart upgrade (if action worth and also minutes amount was not equivalent)
    - Fixed WooCommerce insect with item variant
    - Call an additional filter with an additional top priority, so it will certainly abrogate various other plugins with a few of the exact same setups
    - Unified some features for much easier alteration

v. 1.1.0
    - Set minimal worth per classification
    - Set minimal worth for the entire website
    - Set action worth per classification
    - Set action worth for the entire website

v. 1.0.0
    - Set minimal worth per item
    - Set action worth per item

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