Woocommerce Products List PRO is a straightforward however effective WordPress plugin to detail all your Woocommerce items

Please reviewed the plugin summary. We will certainly NOT reimburse your acquisition, due to the fact that you assumed the plugin will certainly do points it does refrain.

The newest variation of the plugin is Woocommerce 3.0 suitable just! The previous variation is additionally consisted of.


  • User pleasant as well as obvious management panel.
  • Displays all the required information for your items according to your setups.
  • Easy to include a listing anywhere on your WordPress using shortcode.
  • Easy to include a listing anywhere on your WordPress using PHP feature.
  • Comes with a WordPress shortcode maker editor plugin.
  • You can develop unrestricted item listings by filtering system per item group, item tag, item posting day etc.
  • “Add Selected to Cart” with choose all checkbox for mass / mass including items to haul
  • Extensible / programmer pleasant. You can modify the plugin without hacking it, however using WordPress filters as well as activities.
  • Make your items stand apart with your custom-made sticker/icon. You can enable/disable or bypass it per item.
  • Supports YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
  • Supports YITH WooCommerce Quick View
  • Supports WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap
  • AJAX can be allowed / impaired from the setups web page
  • Sorting of table columns in the frontend by clicking at each column header
  • List pagination
  • On the fly groups as well as tags filters
  • Attributes are sustained
  • Custom areas as well as meta are sustained
  • Supports WooCommerce Direct Checkout
  • Responsive Layout / Mobile Ready
  • Easily translatable via .po / .mo data.

Woocommerce Products List Pro Front End


  • WordPress 4.0+
  • Woocommerce 2.4+
  • PHP 5.3+


In order to make use of the Woocommerce Products List PRO plugin, please browse from your WordPress management panel to “Woocommerce ? Products List PRO

  1. Display Product Title: Select “yes” to show the item title column or “no” to conceal it.
  2. Display SKU: Select “yes” to show the item SKU column or “no” to conceal it.
  3. Display Thumbnail: Select “yes” to show the thumbnail column or “no” to conceal it.
  4. Thumbnail Width in Pixels: You might specify the with of the thumbnail in pixels in this area
  5. Display Categories: Select “yes” to show a column with the groups that are designated to the item or “no” to conceal it.
  6. Display Tags: Select “yes” to show a column with the tags that are designated to the item or “no” to conceal it.
  7. Display Stock: Select “yes” to show the supply problem column or “no” to conceal it.
  8. Hide Zero Priced Products: Select “yes” to avoid vacant or no valued items or “no” to include them on the listing.
  9. Hide Out of Stock Products: Select “yes” to abscond of supply items or “no” to include them on the listing.
  10. Treat no amount Products as Out of Stock: Select “yes” to avoid items that do not have an amount collection or “no” to include them on the listing.
  11. Display Price: Select “yes” to show the rate column or “no” to conceal it.
  12. Display Total: Select “yes” to show the complete per row column or “no” to conceal it.
  13. Display Quantity Field: Select “yes” to show the amount input area of the items to be included in haul column or “no” to conceal it.
  14. Display Quantity Controls: Select “yes” to show -/+ switches for the amount area or no to conceal them.
  15. Default Quantity Value: Enter any kind of number to establish as default amount, default is 1.
  16. Display Weight: Select “yes” to show the weight of the items or “no” to conceal it.
  17. Display Dimensions: Select “yes” to show the measurements of the items or “no” to conceal it.
  18. Display Add To Cart: Select “yes” to show the contribute to haul switch column or “no” to conceal it.
  19. Display Global Add To Cart: Select “yes” to show the international contribute to haul switch or “no” to conceal it.
  20. Global Add To Cart Button Position: Here you can pick where to put the international contribute to haul switch.
  21. Global Add To Cart Button Default Status: You might establish it to examined or un-checked when the listing tons.
  22. Display Wishlist: Select “yes” to show the wishlist symbol column or “no” to conceal it.
  23. Display Gift Wrap Option: Select “yes” to show the present cover checkbox column or “no” to conceal it, if you have the present cover plugin.
  24. Display Image: Select “yes” to show an additional image/sticker/icon column or “no” to conceal it.
  25. Add Image: Upload the additional image/sticker/icon by clicking the Open Media Manager switch. The photo will certainly comply with the thumb size setups.
  26. Display Excerpt: Select “yes” to show a excerpt of the item.
  27. Excerpt max size in personalities: Enter limit variety of personalities in order to restrict it. Leave empty for WP default.
  28. Display Excerpt Inline: Select where you want to put the summary.
  29. Display Table Head: Select “yes” to show table head or no to conceal it. Hiding it will certainly additionally eliminate the frontend arranging capability.
  30. Enable Sorting: Select “yes” to make it possible for sorting by clicking the table header on the frontend
  31. Enable Ajax: Select “yes” to make it possible for AJAX for the “add to cart” switch
  32. Order Direction: Select “ascending” or “descending” to establish the default order instructions for the listing.
  33. Order By: Select the wanted worth to establish the default aspect to get the items listing.
  34. Order Columns: You might get the columns by drag-n-dropping the listing components.
  35. You prepare to go! * Save Changes *

Woocommerce Products List Pro wp-admin settngs


On your item web page or anywhere were shortcodes are implemented (eg. blog posts as well as web pages), you might make use of the shortcode [wcplpro wcplid=”somerandomstringhere”] . If you simply placed the shortcode after that it will certainly review the default setups of the plugin that you have actually simply established using the admin setups panel. The wcplid criterion needs to not be missing out on as well as it needs to be distinct for every shortocde circumstances.

In order to tailor the shortcode, it is highly suggested to make use of the “WOO List” symbol that is currently offered on the WP Editor.
However, you might additionally get in the shortcode by hand by utilizing any one of the adhering to features (specifically to the above choices):

  • key phrase
  • categories_exc
  • categories_inc
  • tag_exc
  • tag_inc
  • posts_inc
  • posts_exc
  • groups
  • tags
  • sku
  • title
  • thumb
  • thumb_size
  • supply
  • hide_zero
  • hide_outofstock
  • zero_to_out
  • rate
  • overall
  • deal
  • photo
  • qty
  • default_qty
  • qty_control
  • cart
  • globalcart
  • globalposition
  • global_status
  • wishlist
  • present
  • ajax
  • desc
  • weight
  • measurements
  • desc_inline
  • head
  • sorting
  • order
  • orderby
  • order_direction
  • day
  • wcplid
  • quickview
  • pagination
  • posts_per_page
  • filter_cat
  • filter_tag
  • filters_position

Woocommerce Products List Pro shortcode builder

On all features, establishing it to “1” equals to “yes” as well as “0” equals to “no”, when yes or no use as a feasible choices. Here is an instance:

[wcplpro wcplid="put_sth_unique_here" keyword="woo ninja" thumb=1 thumb_size=150 stock=1 offer=0 qty=1 default_qty=4 ajax=0]

As you might discover we have not establish the cart, wishlist etc. associates, therefore the shortcode will certainly do as we have actually established using the plugin’s setups panel

Guide to some unique shortocde features

key phrase: This is a complimentary message quality. The shortcode will certainly do a look for the term you got in.
categories_exc: Comma apart groups IDs that you desire its items’ to be left out develop the listing.
categories_inc: Comma apart groups IDs that you desire items from these groups just to be left out to the listing.
tag_exc: Same as groups but also for leaving out item tags
tag_inc: Same as groups but also for limiting to details item tags just
posts_inc: Enter comma apart items IDs (no rooms), to just consist of those items in the listing
posts_exc: Enter comma apart items IDs (no rooms), to leave out those items from the listing
thumb_size: This will certainly take a number just as well as will certainly be utilized as pixels
photo: It needs to be a complete LINK to the photo
globalposition: Available worths are “bottom”, “top” as well as “both”
desc: This will certainly show the passage or otherwise. Again 0 as well as 1 are the offered choices
order_direction: Available worths are “asc” for rising as well as “desc” for coming down
orderby: Available worths are “date”, “title”, “_price”, “_sale_price”, “_regular_price”, “_sku”, “_weight”, “_length”, “_width”, “_stock”, “total_sales”, “_stock_status”, “_wc_average_rating”
day: You can utilize this to show items just from details year, month or day, eg. 2016 will certainly show just items that were included 2016 as well as 2016/09 will certainly show items added September of 2016 etc.
quickview: This will certainly take as choices: no, straightforward, variable, all
pagination: This will certainly take as choices: no, in the past, after, both
posts_per_page: This ought to be a number
filter_cat: This will certainly take as choices: indeed, no
filter_tag: This will certainly take as choices: indeed, no
filters_position: This will certainly take as choices: no, in the past, after, both

For Developers

Many hooks remain in area. Please search the code for a complete listing. Below are a few of them with instances.


You can include modify the css course of the web link fully photo for every variant with the filter “vartable_thumb_class_filter”, eg.

add_filter( 'wcplpro_thumb_class_filter', 'my_wcplpro_custom_img_class');
feature my_wcplpro_custom_img_class($course) {
  $course = $course.' myclass anotherclass';
  return ($course);

The Woocommerce “single_add_to_cart_text” filter remains in area. Please describe Woocommerce documentation.


You might include your very own css course for the table with “wcplpro_table_class”, eg.

add_action( 'wcplpro_table_class', 'my_wcplpro_table_class');
feature my_wcplpro_table_class($course) {
  $course = ' table-hover table-striped ';
  return ($course);

You can include message prior to as well as after the table with, “wcplpro_before_table” as well as “wcplpro_after_table”, eg.

add_action( 'wcplpro_before_table', 'my_wcplpro_before_table');
feature my_wcplpro_before_table($message) {
  $message = 'This message ';
  $message .= 'will certainly precede the table';
  resemble $message;
add_action( 'wcplpro_after_table', 'my_wcplpro_after_table');
feature my_wcplpro_after_table($message) {
  $message = 'This message ';
  $message .= 'will certainly pursue the table';
  resemble $message;

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is “this and that” plugin suitable?

    Please ask prior to you purchase.

  2. How can I see all the offered item meta as well as each trick

    You may make use of a plugin as Post Meta Inspector

  3. Can I detail all Woocommerce items filteringed system by group?

    Yes, you can using “categories_inc” shortcode quality.

  4. Can I detail all Woocommerce items filteringed system by tag?

    Yes, you can using “tag_inc” shortcode quality.

  5. I have numerous items. Is there a pagiantion alternative?

    Yes, it was included variation 1.0.4.

  6. Can I place this throughout my website?

    Yes, you can using the shortcode, if the area where you place it has the ability to carry out shortcodes.

  7. Can I leave out items from the listing?

    Yes, you can using the item modify display. Please choose “Yes” at the alternative “Remove this product from Woocomerce Products List” under the item’s basic setups tab.

  8. Are variable items sustained?

    Variable items will certainly be provided, nevertheless the “add to cart” switch will certainly not be offered for them. Instead there will certainly be a “read more” switch that will certainly connect to the item solitary web page.

  9. What concerning supply check as well as AJAX?

    By making it possible for AJAX, this will certainly disable the supply amount check when including in haul using the plugin.

  10. Will it change my item archive web pages (WooCommerce Category listing)?

    No, it will certainly not.


1.1.20 05/23/2019
  • Fix: WooCommerce variation 3.6 compatibility for the amount input area
1.1.19 04/02/2019
  • Feature: Added the alternative to establish the getting information kind per column
  • Feature: Added the alternative to get as number or simple message on the chosen orderby worth
1.1.18 02/14/2019
  • Feature: Categories filter adheres to “categories_exc” as well as “categories_inc” shortcode policies
1.1.17 11/14/2018
  • Fix: Added a look for the offered supply of limit worth on the amount input area
1.1.16 08/03/2018
  • Feature: Added the alternative to make it possible for or disable the responsiveness of the table
  • Fix: Minor CSS modifications
1.1.15 01/26/2018
  • Fix: Next / previous pagination
1.1.14 11/15/2017
  • Feature: Add menu_order shorting alternative
  • Feature: Added “woocommerce_product_add_to_cart_text” filter for the “add to cart” switch message
  • Feature: Added fancybox for photo zooming
  • Fix: CSS modifications
1.1.13 09/08/2017
  • Feature: More WP Filters included
  • Fix: information type worth as well as kind for a couple of columns
1.1.12 09/01/2017
  • Feature: Added assistance for Search by SKU for Woocommerce
  • Fix: Direct Checkout plugin compatibility upgraded
  • Fix: Minor CSS modifications
  • Fix: Filters were concealed after a search that would certainly not return any kind of items
  • Fix: Hiding the contribute to haul column was creating arranging to damage
1.1.11 08/17/2017
  • Feature: Added the alternative to not connect the title to the item web page
  • Feature: Display international cart overall quantity
  • Fix: Quantity was developing an additional vacant columns when -/+ switches were absent
1.1.10 07/31/2017
  • Feature: Search area enhancement
  • Feature: Speed optimization
1.1.9 06/24/2017
  • Fix: Product groups were not showing
1.1.8 06/20/2017
  • Feature: Woocommerce min/max amounts plugin assistance
  • Fix: Quantity preliminary choice
1.1.7 05/08/2017
  • Fix: Added checks to fix select2 dispute
1.1.6 05/04/2017
  • Feature: Up/down arrowheads alongside the sortable headers
  • Fix: Woocommerce Memberships JS dispute
  • Fix: Filters are vanishing when there were no outcomes
1.1.5 04/11/2017
  • Feature: Woocommerce ver 3.0 compatibility
  • Fix: Display rate series of variable items
  • Feature: Include / leave out items by SKU
  • Feature: Added photo web link, target choices, to complete photo, item as well as item in brand-new tab
1.1.4 01/30/2017
  • Fix: Tag filter had a typo
  • Fix: Filters showing was not working appropriately
1.1.3 01/11/2017
  • Feature: Added alternative to type by consisted of blog posts
  • Feature: Column titles can be established using the choices
  • Feature: Added the alternative to show passage or complete material, consisting of shortcodes as well as embeds
  • Feature: Added assistance for WooCommerce Direct Checkout
1.1.2 12/01/2016
  • Fix: Renamed select2 CSS course as well as included check that select2 is filled
1.1.1 10/27/2016
  • Fix: Table headers are currently translatable
  • Fix: Fixed Woocommerce dispute CSS for mobile tags
1.1.0 10/25/2016
  • Feature: Added the alternative to call the brand-new meta essential columns
  • Fix: YITH Quickview optimization
  • Fix: Spanish translation documents collection repair
1.0.9 10/24/2016
  • Fix: Fixed dispute of select2 with various other choose decrease downs
  • Fix: Filters not resetting with the reset switch
  • Fix: Some HTML recognition repairs
1.0.8 10/18/2016
  • Feature: Added assistance for range blog post meta information
  • Fix: Fixed compatibility with PHP prior variation 5.5
1.0.7 10/16/2016
  • Feature: Added the alternative to show item features
  • Feature: Custom meta can be readied to be presented in columns
  • Feature: New tabbed setups web page
  • Fix: Pagination as well as filters were not functioning when the shortcode was utilized on the front web page
1.0.6 10/13/2016
  • Fix: Fixed custom-made order when pagination is energetic
1.0.5 10/06/2016
  • Feature: Updated Italian as well as Spanish translations
  • Fix: Added a missing out on look for YITH quickview plugin
1.0.4 10/05/2016
  • Feature: Categories filters on the listing
  • Feature: Tags filters on the listing
  • Feature: Pagination
  • Feature: Added YITH Quick View assistance
  • Feature: Added assistance for YITH wishlist custom-made symbol
  • Fix: Out of supply problems were not returning the best worth under details situations
  • Fix: Allow no valued items to be included in the cart
  • Fix: Sorting using the plugin’s setups was neglected
  • Fix: Default amount would certainly not enable 0 as worth
  • Fix: Some textdomain was incorrect
1.0.3 09/21/2016
  • Feature: Hugely enhanced “global add to cart” switch implementation time
  • Feature: Shortcode can currently consist of details items just
  • Feature: Shortcode can currently leave out some items from the listing
  • Feature: Add the alternative to restrict the passage personalities
  • Bug: Yith wishlist sight web link was not clickable
1.0.2 09/20/2016
  • Feature: Added much better (indigenous) assistance for YITH wishlist
1.0.1 09/19/2016
  • Feature: Better AJAX demand handling
  • Feature: Added extra hooks
  • Feature: Added CSS courses for some prominent motifs
  • Feature: Added web link to the cart at the gliding notice location
  • Feature: Added the alternative to by hand shut the “added to cart” notice gliding panel
1.0.0 09/12/2016
  • Initial launch

Sources as well as Credits


Spanish by Angelo Lazzari (see his website)

Italian by Angelo Lazzari (begun… check out his website. Angelo as well as his group are terrific!)

German by bettinabuschmeyer

This plugin makes use of the adhering to collections

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